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Graphic Designer Jobs

Graphic design encapsulates a company’s vision of their product or service. So, it is important for a graphic designer to understand the direction in which a company is wishing to approach their subject material. The graphics, logo and design layout of a company’s packaging, banner or website will strongly reflect on a consumer’s want to interact with them. Therefore, it is important that a graphic designer follows a business’s design brief, whilst at the same time expressing creative flair to develop an engaging and aesthetically pleasing finished product. It is also imperative that a graphic designer is up-to-date with the latest design programs.

Creative Director Jobs

A creative director plans and develops concepts which they think best portray a company’s identity. Sometimes a creative director will be required to take on a portion of projects design work themselves. However, the main focus of this role is time management and making sure a design strategy is implemented on time and with the desired outcome of a company. Again, as with the graphic designer role, it is highly important that a creative director is au fait with the most current design programs.

Junior Designer Jobs

A junior designer will not be expected to have the same experience as a graphic designer or creative director. However, they are expected to have developed a reasonably firm understanding of graphic design from college or university. This would be a perfect job for a graduate, as it would give them a chance to hone their skills whilst being directed by more experienced designers.

Art Director Jobs

An art director will have a good knowledge of placement and depth within a piece of design work. It is their job to create the vision a company is looking for. They do this by working with various designers and artists to create a design which is effective to the consumer.

Art directors manage a number of different roles. They will communicate with designers, photographers, artists and creative specialists to achieve a company’s concept within an image, video or design. 

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