Content & Editorial

There are a number of jobs which fall under the content & editorial umbrella. They rely on varying writing and multimedia editing skills. To be successful at a job within this sector it is important to understand exactly which kind of content & editorial role you are actually applying for:

Copywriting Jobs

This job title basically refers to the “copy” that is used in advertisement. Usually this is a section of text written to persuade a consumer to buy a product or service. The text is used in social media posts, flyers/posters and press releases, as well as various other advertising devices. 

Web Content Jobs

Someone who daily manages and edits a website’s content, frequently publishes new material and analyses its success via the use of analytics.

Content Manager Jobs

A content manager encompasses a wide array of roles. They are responsible for producing, editing, publishing and administrating a company’s digital content. Digital content can refer to text files (word documents) and multimedia files (audio/video files).


An editor is usually an individual who processes and corrects the written work of others. This role is most common within printed/digital media, article based websites and publishing.

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