Account Management

Account management relies strongly on the etiquette of preserving relationships with a company and its clients. It is an account manager’s responsibility to utilize a number of commercially aware tactics to continuously further a business’s dexterity with consumers.

An account manager must have a thorough understanding of media platforms which are available to potential or existing customers and must be able to apply these to a relevant market. Furthermore, it is essential for an account manager to have a thorough understanding of eCommerce, so clients are safe in the knowledge transactions will be conducted in a quick, satisfactory manner.

Data collection and insight analysis are very important within this sector. A vital part of an account manager’s job is understanding the connection between a customer and a brand. What motivates a consumer to interact with a product? How can a buyer relate to a company’s output? These are questions that an account manager will inevitably have to answer.

Experience of search engine optimisation (SEO) is definitely a significant aspect of an account manager’s role. A company’s website will need organic visitors to their website (people who have not previously visited the site), to be successful in an online environment. This will mean using certain keywords and removing unnecessary content to increase the accessibility of a business’s website. 

Anyone considering taking on a role within this sector must remember that an unhappy customer could mean the loss of sales for a company. So, excellent written and verbal communication skills are imperative.

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